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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Vision: Harriet Eddy provides an exceptional educational experience for all students.
Mission: The mission of Harriet Eddy Middle School is to inspire students to become global, responsible, and compassionate lifelong learners. To meet this end, Harriet Eddy will cultivate a collaborative environment with high standards of social and academic excellence in an inquiry based setting.
Collective Commitments

Collective Commitments

We have established these collective commitments as a reflection of our shared values and dedication to promote student learning. They represent our shared purpose and commitment to providing all students an exceptional educational experience.
High Quality Instruction:
  • We utilize International Baccalaureate strategies and implementation is visible throughout our campus.
  • We foster a learning environment where safety, respectfulness and responsibility are taught and modeled.
Collaborative Culture:
  • We participate in team building activities that support a positive and nurturing school climate for all stakeholders.
  • We honor the commitments we have made to the members of our collaborative teams to elevate our team’s effectiveness and promote student learning.
Community Involvement:
  • We provide a welcoming environment that encourages, promotes and provides community involvement opportunities.
  • Staff members are positive and actively engaged with students before, during and after school to provide an exceptional educational experience.
Want to know what Harriet Eddy is about? Please view our current school initiatives below.
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Want to know how we create an Exceptional Educational Experience? Please view our Collective Commitments below.
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Want to know what classroom instruction is like at Eddy? Please view our Teaching and Learning model below.
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