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Language Acquisition

The HEMS Language Acquisition Department welcomes you to a new school year! We are excited to explore MYP units in French, Japanese and Spanish. Seventh graders will have the opportunity to be risk-takers and explore a new language through culture, geography and linguistic components. Returning eighth graders will have the opportunity to be communicators and further develop the skills from their seventh grade language courses.

Have you ever taken a French, Japanese or Spanish class? If not, don’t worry! Here at Eddy we will introduce you to language basics such as the alphabet (writing system), colors and numbers!

Does your family speak French, Japanese or Spanish at home? If so, this is your opportunity to work on other language skills, such as reading and writing. Do you have to take a language class? As part of the MYP, language courses are considered a core subject.

Language Acquisition
Department Chair, Maria Cuellar
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