Tips for success

Student Success: Tips for Parents

  • Check StudentVUE/ParentVUE every day. Students and parents have access through this program to check grades, track assignments, due dates, and monitor work completion. If you are not registered, please come in to the office to pick up your activation code. You can download the ParentVUE app or log on using our school website.
  • Communicate with staff if you have a concern. By emailing or calling your child’s teacher, they can provide you with observations of your child’s work habits, behavior, and provide strategies on how to be more successful in their class. Contact your child’s counselor if you have concerns regarding progress in multiple classes and promotion requirements. Please allow up to 48 hours for staff to respond.
  • Use the library. Computers are available in the school library after school for 30 minutes or during open lunches to view StudentVUE and print grade reports as needed. This quiet area is also a great place to study, read or complete work.
  • Designate or create a space for homework. Have a place for your child to complete work that is free from distractions. Take their phone, remote control, video games, whatever may impact their focus. Having a chair/table or desk to work will keep your child alert and on task (lying on a bed often results in a nap).
  • Follow a 2 hour daily homework schedule with breaks. There is no such thing as “I have no homework.”  Expect and encourage your child to spend this time organizing their backpack and binder, checking StudentVUE, reading, reviewing class notes from the day, studying and preparing for tests/quizzes, working on major projects and completing assignments due the following day. Quiz your child on their notes/study guide to assist with test preparation (flash cards are also a useful tool for your child to quiz themselves).
  • Use a planner/agenda. Students should record daily work in the provided agenda. StudentVUE is a great back up system, but not all assignments/tests are expected to be posted every day. Teachers can check the entry and initial it upon student and/or parent request to help communicate what should be completed each night. Students can also ask for teacher permission to use their phone to take a picture of the board where assignments are posted.
  • Ask to see completed work. If your child has a pattern of not turning in all assignments and claim their homework is finished, have them show you each completed assignment as listed in their agenda or posted or StudentVUE. Providing external motivators can help- rewards for completed work, consequences or temporary loss of privileges for incomplete work/missing assignments.
  • Request teacher feedback. Students can use Weekly Teacher Progress Reports (available in the office) to give their teachers to complete for current behavior, grade and assignment information.
  • Books & backpacks. Students should only bring the books/binders they need for that day’s classes. Even Days only bring even period books, etc.  If possible, color code even and odd binders.  (Red-Even/ Blue-Odd).  Some classes allow students to keep their books in the classrooms, just have your child check with their teacher about this option (provided if space is available).  Students are still responsible for any damage to the book left in the classroom.
  • Binder organization. Remove older items from the binder and store at home.  For example, at the end of the 1st quarter, remove 1st quarter work and keep at home (file/folder/binder).  The items may still be needed to review for any upcoming exams but may not be needed for each class.
  • Attend tutoring. Students struggling academically have been encouraged to work closely with their teachers and to utilize tutoring when available. To be sure your child is attending tutoring, they can bring their agenda to the teacher for signature, date, and time of entry/exit.
  • Math Peer Tutoring Before School 7:15 – 8:00 am. Must enroll, registration form in office.
  • After School Extended Learning 3:07 – 4:00 pm. Must enroll, registration form in office.
  • Study Hall 3:07 – 4:00 pm. Drop in only- no registration required.

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